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Thread: zx 10 traction control

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    zx 10 traction control

    I read that the newer zx 10 have built in traction control. Is that true and is it adjustable. Just seeing what others thought.

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    I guess it would be along the same lines as the slipper clutch in the Suzuki..

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    Read Cycle Worl November 10 article on zx10 goes ballistic in electronics wars

    Quote Originally Posted by 6565 View Post
    I read that the newer zx 10 have built in traction control. Is that true and is it adjustable. Just seeing what others thought.

    If you can find the aritcle it was a very well written tech preview of the bike. It's 3 position Power Mode selecgor and each mode provides 3 levels of traction control. It differers fromthe KTRC used on the concours 14 which is very simple and intended more for rider safety. The 10's was designed to "enable riding at the edge of traction" help riders push harder on the tract etc. It receives input from more sources than do systems from other manufactures. It's system makes decisions base on front/rear wheel speed diferential, engine rpm, throttle position and rate of acceleration. It analyzes that data not just to adjust idnition timing to limit rear slippage, it can actually predict when traction condition ]s are about to becom unfavorable and act before slippage exceeds the range of optimal traction. Anyway hope you can find and read, it's the future, whether or not we will be allowed to run, who knows.

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    I believe all the current 1000s have traction control, save Honda. In fact, the Honda World Superbike team was allowed over the summer to add a system, because they were being beaten so badly. While they haven't won, they are again competitive.
    We should carefully consider if this is a positive for our racing.
    But, since I think they all rely on sensors on front and rear wheels to work, they should be easy to police if we don't want them.
    I for one, do not. I think we should rely on an educated right foot "traction control."
    Otherwise, we could all just play with slot cars.

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    only the zx10 and r1 currently are the only japanese liter bikes that have traction controll, but im sure the others are coming.

    both the r1 and kawi use wheel speed sensors .

    the front wheel speed sensor on the r1 and zx10 are attached to one of the brake rotors, I think these system could be adapted to work on a mini car. as said it would be very easy to tech if you did not want it

    heres a cool video that explains it a bit

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