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Thread: velocity stacks legal or not

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    velocity stacks legal or not

    Rule is stock OEM fuel induction.
    Does the velocity stacks change the fuel induction. The tech says that means you just have to run OEM injectors anything above the throttle body is fair game. With the new duel injection it is above the velocity stacks. So question is if it changes the fuel to air ratio to make horsepower is that considered as fuel induction change sounds like it to me. What's your opinion

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    let's motor breath better, which make the fuel burn better. It's legal and we all use velocity stack inside our air filter assembly with stock injectors. Check out rosson racing sponsor at the top he is the man.. Check with your club your running with to make sure they are not using a stock air box rule.

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    My opinion!!! Your the next Doc!!! Good luck in your quest!!!
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