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Thread: How To: Topic Thumbnails and Image Uploading

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    How To: Topic Thumbnails and Image Uploading

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    Step 1:
    While creating a Topic or Post, Select 'Insert Image'
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    Step 2:
    A box pops up, click 'Select Files'
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    Step 3:
    Find your image in Your Computer, and press 'Open'
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    Step 4:
    After finding your image, click 'Upload File(s)'
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    Step 5:
    You will now see your image in your post.
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    Step 6:
    If you created a Topic, the first image in your post will become the Topic's Thumbnail
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    Optional, step 1:
    You may upload several images at once by clicking and dragging to select them.
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    Optional, step 2:
    You will then see all of your images, where you can rearrange them. Select 'Upload File(s).
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    When i try to do this I get a box that asks for a url for image and I don't know what to do...

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    Doc, go to Browse and select size of picture. One you hit download it will complete and give you a DIRECT link to your picture. Copy and paste that link into the URL blank you ask about.


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