New 2017 Superior Mod Lite for sell, $19,000, Race ready, turn key, completely rebuilt 2011-12 ZX 10 motor, Tach with gear indicator, 8 tires and rims, full body shocks, AFCO adjustable gas petal, super smooth gear shifter, Winters quick change, full containment seat, collapsible steering shaft, custom fuel cell. Best of everything money can buy! It's just the best damn piece of equipment out there!!! I had mucho, and mucho more inputs into designing of this car to be racer friendly from the ground up. All the adjustments are easy. They even put an I phone jack in the car for me while I was there, but later they took it out after I left???

Selling because, I flat ass have too many race cars!! 5 Late modes and now, only two Mod Lites. My doctor, Dr. Calhoun Jones, told me I was going crazy and something had to go? I just can't stop myself from buying cars and fixing them up. With this mod lite, I feel like I'm selling one of the kids, that only ask for more money but it's not his fault. You know what i mean? The poor thing just needs stuff, like the other kids. I feel guilty for even thinking of selling the baby. So please don't ask me to buy your stuff(i'm an easy mark) because I probably wouldn't able to resist and I'd be in more trouble with my doctor than I am now. I can't take any more of those shock treatments! Besides those treatments, I just don't have any more room. I even had to put one of the cars into the living room. I told my friends, "oh, that just a conversation piece". People don't come over much any more.

I made the mistake of letting my girlfriend drive one of my late models and she says, "WE'RE NOT SELLING ONE OF HER LATE MODELS"! So there it is, save my sanity or live in the dog house? You may call the poor ole Sloppy Hog for more details, or to give counseling advice, or to just let him know things will be ok on down the road? 817-247-4957 cell or
Located in Arlington, Texas. Still living at the house for right now?

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