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    New to this

    So Im new to dwarfs. I raced go karts on dirt for about 10 years but stopped about 5 years ago due to work. A friend of mine got a dwarf car in on a deal and gave me a pretty good deal on it, so I jumped on it without really knowing anything about them....... now im stuck in a place where im not sure where to even start looking lol...... i was told it just needed some carb work (gsxr 1100) but the more i look into it, the more i believe it needs. No wiring is ran, is there anywhere i can find what needs wired where? Like I said, im really fresh to this class in this sport, so all help would be appreciated.... also im from southeast ohio, anyone else from this area? Where do you race? Do you buy bodies for these cars or fab them yourself?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: New to this

    First you will have to find out the manufacture of the car, for body parts and suspension parts. That said, i can try to help you on wiring. You need switched power for, fuel pump, fans(if used) switched power to ecu,coils one side of neutual lite to one side of starter switch the other side goes to the starter solendiod. On the ecu, it depends on which one you use, to what wiring you'll need there. I've always used the 1988 style the later ones have an "anti theift" curcuit that needs a resistor in it. I don't know exactly where it is put 'cause. Like i said i've never used that style. There are also two different style stock ignitions that need to match up with the ecu's on the carb subject do you have the stock carbs or after market. That will decide what you can do. Also, some clubs have rules that effect what you can do with carbs and the internal parts of the motor. The gsxr 1100 and bandit motors have not been made since the early 2000's so that is something to think about.

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