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Thread: What's it worth

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    What's it worth

    Had an offer to trade my car I'm in the process of building for a micro sprint and kind of looking for a fair value for what I have. I'm considering this trade for the simple fact that while building it the rules changed so I have no idea how long it will be before I can afford to complete it and the micro is turn key. Just tired of looking at it and knowing it's not going to hit the track any time soon. So here is what I have home built chassis still bare so it will need painted or coated yet. 89 oil cooled gsxr 1100 only heard it run once so I'm not standing behind it as I don't know it's true condition. Has 8 bolt with 2 gears , pro spindles and rotors, willwood brakes, sweet rack, 6 shocks total about a dozen springs, ,13 tires 10 wheels . Pattern for a frames all new heims and cleavises on the front end with several spares . All new plastic brake lines basically it will need paint, body,interior to be ready . So what would a fair price to ask for all this

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    Re: What's it worth

    No real way to assess the value except to say what will somebody give you for it? There are turn key cars on here everyday at prices you might turn your nose up at but the reality is they're still on the ads for sale.

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