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Thread: GSXR motor in a car.

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    GSXR motor in a car.

    Ok so I'm getting out of racing so I have a motor and I have a 1971 vw bug. I want to mate them together

    The bug weight is 1780 pounds stock with motor and everything.The mod lights is about 1300 now with a good weight loss program I can get the bugs weight down pretty far.

    Now my question is about the clutch. Do you think the clutches would hold up? How do you guys think it would be on long highway trips?

    Any input would be appreciated.

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    Re: GSXR motor in a car.

    Sounds interesting. My thoughts would be getting them to mate up. Would you use the bug trans axle? If you did and the stock clutch you could end up with like an 11 speed trans . That thing would cruise on expressway. But as for bike clutch it would probably last if you could drive it like a normal person. But what fun would that be. lol

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    Re: GSXR motor in a car.

    I have two ideas one mount up front like the mod lites. But would rather use the vw trans axle and keep it in the rear. Just not sure how I would do it. Not sure if I can gut the vw transaxle and just keep the reverse gear or not.

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    Re: GSXR motor in a car.

    The clutch would be fine. And theres no reason to gut any gears from the transaxle-just use the ones you want. And I have seen bike engines going to a transaxle.

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