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Thread: Ecu tuning and wiring harness trimming

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    Ecu tuning and wiring harness trimming

    Additional services offered: I am offering budget friendly safe ECU tuning/flashing. This is a budget friendly way to go above stock and get more performance out of your engine without putting your engine at risk. This is not a maximum horse power option, to go that option you need time on the dyno to ensure you are not leaning out and taking the risk of pre detonation of your engine (I am not comfortable putting your engine at risk to get every last bit of horse power). Tuning is available for the following models: '05-'15 GSXR 1000, '08-'15 GSXR 750, '08-'15 GSXR 600, '02-'15 GSXR 1300R, '08-'15 CBR 1000RR, CBR 600, '11- '17 ZX-10R. This service entails removing federal restrictions from ECU, raising RPM's to customers request, more aggressive performance map. Depending on model additional items adjusted are fan temp, idle RPM, disable stock O2 sensor, disable pair valve, disable exhaust valve, disable steering damper. I have been working with a limited number of customers for the past two years on this and feel now is the time to offer it to all of my customers. References are available upon request. ECU flashing ranges between $200-$250 depending on model.
    I will also be launching injector cleaning services within the next couple of weeks. So watch for that.
    Paypal and Credit Cards accepted.

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    Re: Ecu tuning and wiring harness trimming

    Let me know when you can do Yamaha R1 ECU's. I have 2 - 2009 ECU's that I'd like put back to normal if possible.

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