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Thread: Who builds a tall/wide body chassis?

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    Who builds a tall/wide body chassis?

    I'm looking to get a car/truck possibly new or turnkey used. My question is who makes a chassis with a larger cockpit ? I'm 6'2" 250lbs and I had a 2010 Peter d car about 5 years and I didnt fit well in that car at all, im in a non wing sprint car now and I fit great. I'm hoping to find a dwarf car/truck that I fit in and feel comfortable pushing the envelope in. Any help with this would be much appreciated 👍🏻
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    Re: chassis brand question

    While there are many things that can be done to "help" make a cockpit more comfortable you are still restricted by the rules as what you can do to make more room. Personally, I believe if a guy wanted to get into the class and race a club would make exceptions to allow for changes to a bigger person so they could compete. It's not an advantage if you study the request ahead and agree with the changes. Just my opinion.

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    Re: chassis brand question

    Darren @ B&B Chassis in San Diego builds a great car with lots of room for a large seat, as well as high roof cars for head room. My dad is 6'1" in a high roof B&B (42", up to 44" is legal) and he fits comfortably. Cars are very roomy and strong, highly recommended check him out on FB @ B&B Innovative Race Chassis

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    Re: chassis brand question

    B&B all the way I'm 6'3 and have plenty of room.

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    Re: chassis brand question

    Thank you for the reply I'll be in contact with them

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