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Thread: yamaha clutch cable

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    yamaha clutch cable

    I need some advice form anyone that is running a newer Yamaha motor. With the clutch being at the front of the motor and going away from a hand clutch on the shifter what do you run for a cable?

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    Re: yamaha clutch cable

    I've run a cable that was mage by "barnett cuthand cable. They can and will make any length cable, with whatever wnds you need. As for the pedal assembly, i use the lever from a motorcycle, mounted on a short piece of hanfle bar. I hade a "pedal pad" a square of alum. Pop revets to the laver(works but, better to weld it. Just an idea

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    Re: yamaha clutch cable

    I ran the stock cable and made a different cable holder and mounted it to the existing areas on the front of the motor, then removed the arm from the spline shaft and spun it around so my cable could hook to it normally. It simply turned everything 180 degrees. Once the bracket was made the stock cable could be routed along the right side of the car to the shifter area, then upwards to a regular motorcycle handle clamped to the handlebar pipe that was modified to use as the shifter handle.

    The bracket can be tedious to make but take your time and it'll come together. Actually for 1 I used a factory bracket for an older engine and modified it by welding a couple small pieces on it in the right places. Use your imagination. The longer cable mentioned above is a wonderful option. Simply try to make sure the cable flows without any sharp bends. That area between the engine and the firewall and tunnel can be tricky.

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