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Thread: WTB: front end parts

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    WTB: front end parts

    I'm looking for a bunch of front end parts for a project.

    - left and right spindles. I have steel fiero spindles, but I'm looking for light fabricated steel units.
    - bearing hubs, preferably aluminum.
    - rotors, preferable a hat and rotor set-up due to their lighter weight.
    - calipers, again, aluminum if possible due to weight.
    - steering rack.

    I'm going for light weight on this project. I have steel Fiero spindles, aluminum hubs, rotors and calipers but that whole set-up is too heavy.

    Let me know what you might have.

    Easiest to e-mail me at "w650gb500@gmail-dot-com"


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    Re: WTB: front end parts

    Go to extreme motor sports . Tracy is a sponsor here . he can fix you right up.

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