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Thread: Jackson County Speedway ( Jackson, Ohio )

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    Jackson, Ohio

    Jackson County Speedway ( Jackson, Ohio )

    Jackson County Speedway is now under new ownership.
    I ran into him at the Swap meet today, and talked about the classes he is going to run.

    If you race Modlites or Dwarfs in Southern Ohio please call and show your interest. Hopefully we could get a show for us or a class for the season.
    Questions or Comments contact owner Brad McCown at 740-466-7401
    Website will be on line by March 1st,

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    what night will Jackson be running? With the uncertainty of car counts in our area,if shedualed properly we could run on the off nights of 35 raceway and I77. Or we could set up a 4 or 5 race schedual with all three tracks and have a mini Ohio series? Just a thought.. as you know its difficult to draw cars away from there home track.

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    I remember racing there in 06 was racing a new car after trashing mymodlite and liked the track,a lil sandy(soft) and rutted up pretty easy but it has good banking not sure but maybe we could do a race or two when I-77 isnt racing,good luck in 2011 Aaron

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